Long Term Rentals

Long-term stays (over a month) are handled individually and provided in our sister Residence Marianska. It is located few steps from our Residence U Cerne veze on adress Prazska 1, Ceske Budejovice. We will quote you a price according to the information you provide regarding your needs and wishes.  In order to make a price quote, we will need the following information:

1) Date of stay / length of stay (start and end dates, at least approximately)

2) Type of apartment, number of persons (the apartments can be viewed on our website www.residence-marianska.cz)

3) Services that you would be interested in:

  • Breakfast (yes / no, for how many people, every day, sometimes, not at all) 
  • Cleaning (yes / no, how often, daily, every other day, weekly, monthly)
  • Parking (yes/no, how many cars)

We are happy to offer attractive terms to our repeat visitors or to companies for their various alternating employees or partners.

Order by phone: +420 737 141 815 or e-mail: info@residence-marianska.cz

Long-term accommodation in Ceske Budejovice - Residence Marianska.
Accommodation, parking and shopping.

Residence Mariánská